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The Nerdery aspires to be the best place in the world for web nerds to work and play. We think we’re doing OK, but you should really hear it from our tweeting nerds.

LEARN / Grow from good to great by collaborating with brilliant Nerds. Nerds say they learn more in their first month here than elsewhere their whole career.

We encourage people to pursue new challenges and growth opportunities in building diverse portfolios of highly visible interactive work any Nerd would be proud of – projects of every shape and size, in wide variety. Development Managers make sure Nerds are happy, challenged and having the career they want – with a chance to try any technology, or, become the guru of whatever they know best. If you’ve worked with overseas development shops, you know it’s a roll of the dice at best. With several hundred Nerds across the United States, your project team is accessible and takes their commitment to your project seriously.

BELONG / Beyond teamwork and clubs, a safe haven for Nerds to be Nerds together.

We’re grounded as Nerds because we were founded by nerds – and consistently attract like-minded talent. Everyone at The Nerdery has open access to everyone else at The Nerdery – an embarrassment of riches in collective smarts, kindred spirits and a hive mind of clubs and user groups. People bring their diverse non-work passions to work; here, we play with each other. With hundreds of community organizers, we belong.

LEAD / Chart your adventure. Co-Presidents will follow. All paths lead to distributed leadership.

In its Top Workplaces edition, Minneapolis Star Tribune gave us a special award for providing career advancement opportunity. Programmers, not managers, set development standards as leaders of development committees. Our technical strength – and leadership – comes from following people closest to a specific technology. We challenge people to be emerging leaders simply by following their bliss.

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TRUST / Earned upon entry, kept through transparent and engaged communication.

We have systems, processes and a workplace built on trust and openness. We’ve created several outlets for Nerds to share ideas, advice, interests and opinions. Our Nerd-fashioned tools – like Mainframe, The Buzz, Answers and MindMeld – foster transparent communication, give voice to idea-sharing and further our collective brainpower through constant connection.

LIKE / Our likability ratings run high, but why? We let Nerds be Nerds.

For the win-win, our Nerds are left alone to focus on the code – but also given a clubhouse to frolic with fellow Nerds. Our Nerds customize their workspace with whatever tech tools they need to be productive, and our office atmosphere strikes a work-life balance through creative outlets and extracurricular activities. With creature comforts galore and four-legged creatures running rampant, we cultivate a (finger quotes) working-from-home (end quotes) vibe.


LOVE / You’ll like working here, but you’ll love what you do (and therefore never have to work again).

Rather be working than stuck in meetings? That works for us, too. Everything about The Nerdery, as a company and a workplace, is built around nerdy needs – from our data-driven, streamlined processes to our cool, casual work environment and other refinements. Where is the love? Survey says it’s here in abundance, as seen in our consistent ranking on best workplace lists.


A Message From Our Leader

I share your interest in working at The Nerdery – and I had better, what with me being CEO and co-founder and all. But enough about me. If you’re a talented nerd, you have career options. We want to be your very best option – the obvious choice. We seek career-minded professionals who embody our core values and want to make their mark at a company that thrives by acting on good ideas, like yours. If you join us, your co-title on day one will be Co-President Co-President | nounNerdery Nerds are asked to transcend their job title, expand their role, be a hero. Being a Co-President is kind of a big deal – for hundreds of us.. I’ll tell you more about this when we meet. If you want to blur the line between work and play, we want to work and play with you. These opportunities are all yours.

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