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The Luke J. Bucklin Nerditorium Hall

As hosts of user groups/activities, our Nerditorium has room for 200+ people to hang out, learn, socialize, discuss technology and pursue extracurricular activities. A slot on our calendar comes with food, refreshments, AV equipment and a built-in community of likeminded nerds. Book a date at the Nerditorium


Upcoming Events

BethelBiz Mentorship Event

6:00 - 9:00 PM @ The Nerdery, 9555 James Ave South, Suite 245 Bloomington, MN 55431

BethelBiz is an independent alumni organization comprised of business leader graduates of Bethel University. Many group members are actively mentoring students and meet at various corporations in the metro area throughout the year (recently held at Microsoft). This event is a "year end" event to further networking, including a summary of mentorship highlights from the current school year, and to provide an overview and Q&A session about The Nerdery.




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Strategic Account Executive


Strategic Account Manager

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