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As hosts of user groups/activities, our Nerditorium has room for 200+ people to hang out, learn, socialize, discuss technology and pursue extracurricular activities. A slot on our calendar comes with food, refreshments, AV equipment and a built-in community of likeminded nerds. Book a date at the Nerditorium


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Google I/O Extended

9:00 - 7:00 PM @ THE NERDERY, 9555 JAMES AVE S. SUITE 245 BLOOMINGTON, MN 55431

Google’s annual developer conference will be live-streamed at The Nerdery’s Bloomington HQ, an official host of the May 28th Google I/O Extended viewing party.

More than just a remote viewing party, Google I/O Extended at The Nerdery will feature locally-generated content streamed from the Nerditorium between Google I/O sessions streamed from San Francisco, including a keynote and other talks/sessions.

No one outside of Google knows exactly what breaking news will come from Google I/O, which is part of the intrigue.

Itinerary coming soon.

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