Our Method

Creating custom software is an iterative process – as information and research is gathered it informs prototypes and designs, which are then validated through analysis and feedback from you and your users. This method ensures you receive a thoughtfully designed solution, made to drive your business forward.


We listen: You’re the expert of your business and we rely on that expertise early and often. This awareness helps us translate the nuances of your field into recommendations tailored to your specific situation.

We research: Your users and business goals are front-and-center in our research, ensuring that the experiences we create fit within and benefit the lives of your audience.

We frame: You’ll uncover hidden gems about your business as we strive for clarity and understanding on how software impacts both your business and users’ experience with your brand, allowing for an intelligent, focused design that attracts users.

See how understanding our clients’ problems is fundamental to our user experience designers.


We prototype: Using multiple methods of prototyping – from simple sketches to elaborate interactive pieces – you’ll validate business and design decisions early, while changes are quick and cost-effective.

We design: We take aesthetic design very seriously; we can work within existing brand assets or create a new visual identity that invokes the emotional response you want to achieve.

We develop: You won’t be pigeonholed into any one technology solution – our development capabilities span dozens of languages, frameworks and content management solutions so we can pick the best tool for the job.

Discover how our software engineers rely on each other to create great solutions for our clients.


We generate insights: Through analysis, user behaviors are identified to provide you verified, actionable insights that help you make well-informed decisions.

We refine and enhance: Rather than going straight from sketches to the finished product, we present our work-in-progress quickly, iteratively and in multiple formats so you can verify that each aspect of the software solution meets your objectives.

We test: With a rigorous software testing and review process, you’ll know that you (and your users) are getting what you want, need and expect.

More than a “final pass” on a project, learn how seriously we take quality assurance when testing a project.

How it all comes together

By boiling custom software design and development down to these three principles, you’ll be working with empathetic experts who can’t help but become invested your business. Whether it’s the care we put into researching user needs or the thought we put into writing clean code, our method is designed around a single purpose – driving business breakthroughs with technology.