Calvin Klein with Deep Focus

The Nerdery brings Calvin Klein to Facebook





With the tight deadline of Fashion Week looming, New York interactive marketing and engagement agency Deep Focus sought Nerdery support to develop a multilingual Facebook app for their client, Calvin Klein.

The project entailed having six Facebook tabs with a SWF that loads external data, images and videos. Built in Symfony, we gave Calvin Klein the ability to dynamically update their Facebook tabs by creating a custom CMS.

Each Facebook tab was created as a static FBML application with Adobe Flash to display images, text and videos in multiple languages. Each tab is managed by a CMS that generates XML that is used by Flash to display the content.

Nerdery developers overcame the potentially lost-in-translation challenges of size and length of multiple fonts of multiple languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and English.

From our partner’s (Deep Focus) website: “For Fall Fashion Week on CK’s Facebook page, we provided the world with an exclusive glimpse behind the catwalk, while giving fans the ability to discuss and comment on the collection in real time. Not only did Deep Focus help Calvin Klein live up to its name within the global fashion community, but we also gave CK’s fans the power to be a part of it. And that’s pretty cool.”

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