Tener's Boots website with Balcom

Helpin' a partner sort out Drupal e-commerce


Drupal 6



Yee-haw! Howdy y’all! Back a couple fortnight ago we was sharing a fire with our compadres from ye olde Balcom Agency when a stranger by the name of Tener’s Boots, a country western e-shop specializing in cowboy boots, wandered into our campsite and damn near spooked the horses from all their spitting and hollarin’ and cussin’ what about their fizz gig e-lectronics website. After we had ascertained that the intruders were not a pack of outlaws as we had first suspected we got down to discussing the particulars of their quandary. Turns out them Tener’s Boots boys had some trouble with their Drupal-based website and turned to Balcom and The Nerdery for a helping hand. We were happy to oblige and proceeded to draw up a plan together before taking turns shooting cacti and turning in for the night.

Ya see, Tener’s Boots was having a fair bit o’ trouble with their third-party inventory management system. They’d worked with a carpetbagger who sold them a load of snake oil, so when their front-end and back-end tried to communicate it was nothing but a load of gobbledygook. Our Drupal developers were able to create a custom patch which allowed their inventory management system to speak real clear-like to the rest of the site. In this way there weren’t no more clickin’ on the fellas that would take ya to the little misses section or vice-verca.

After hearty handshakes and a fine meal of coffee and beans, Tener’s Boots saddled up again and headed back out on the trail towards increased profits and productivity. From what we hear talk in the saloons is the fine Tener’s Boots folk haven’t had a burr in their saddle or a rock in their boot ever since. Giddy-up!