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WCCO came to The Nerdery with a desire to bring news to the web in a highly interactive manner. They’d concepted a web-based way to follow news stories and events, tied into daily newscasts, and allowing easy tracking of a story’s timeline. Since WCCO’s team already had designed a specific plan of what they wanted developed, they were looking for a partner that wouldn’t try to change their approach but would instead bring expertise in implementing the plan they’d envisioned. We were happy to oblige.

Since WCCO knew exactly what they wanted, our primary goal was making sure what we built met their expectations. WCCO gave us the requirements they were looking for and reviewed the design and functionality. To make sure the project never veered off track, we had weekly builds available to be reviewed and allow constant feedback and guidance.

We built a custom rendering engine in Flex to handle the panning, scrollable timeline using techniques similar to Google Maps’ scrolling map capabilities. Sluggish performance was a concern as bottlenecks in the application slowed things down. To solve the issue we identified bottleneck trouble spots that were clogging speeds. We distributed the workload over frames and eliminated expensive steps to streamline the process and eliminate lag, allowing us to present WCCO with the precise software they’d been looking for.


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