Beau Rivage

PURL-based interactive marketing for MGM Grand resort and casino in Biloxi




For Beau Rivage Resort and Casino, an MGM Grand property, The Nerdery created a PURL-based interactive marketing tool. The “P” in PURL stands for personal; it’s a web address (URL) that can be tailored and targeted at specific individuals, based on known demographic info.

For example, Beau Rivage can run a “high-roller” campaign to recent guests who may have hit the jackpot. Similarly, they can target guests with known musical tastes with information about upcoming shows.

Built in Symfony, the PURLs target advertizing for clientele based on player type, segmentation, and even personality type based on their preferred activities.

Our programmers guided the client through requirement decisions for each feature built via weekly web meetings. Beyond Beau Rivage, MGM is further considering ways to expand their interactive idea into other casinos and plans to further its investment by replacing current print mailers with interactive marketing alternatives.

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