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Facebook apps for college students help organization and encourage innovation




With two Facebook applications both scheduled to launch within two months, Best Buy approached The Nerdery to help meet their deadline. Working on a short timeline, The Nerdery’s user experience team provided analysis and wireframes simultaneous to development. Each app launched successfully in time for Best Buy’s targeted date.


With their College Innovator Fund and Dorm Room Wish List Sweepstakes campaigns launching in conjunction with the back-to-school season, Best Buy came to The Nerdery for help creating the corresponding Facebook applications. The College Innovator Fund allows students to submit their ideas for new technological innovations with the chance to win a $50,000 grand prize. The Dorm Room Wish List app was designed to help students collaborate on needed items for their dorm rooms by selecting products from Best Buy. With just under six weeks for UX and development, Best Buy needed both apps launched not only in time for their national marketing campaigns, but created with the quality expected from a technological leader like Best Buy.


Knowing time was against us, each project was assigned a separate UX lead able to focus solely on their project’s details. For the College Innovator Fund, we started by reviewing the application’s current wireframes. After discussing with Best Buy, we opted to create our own wireframes, which were built simultaneous to development. For the Dorm Room Wish List project, we reviewed and vetted the current wireframes, ultimately opting to use them for development, albeit with recommendations to improve their usability, such as improving the annotations on functions such as screen transitions.

With the unique situation of the College Innovator Fund’s wireframes being built concurrent to development, it was critical for our development team to stay in constant communication with UX. This was important to not only make sure development accurately understood the project, but to assist UX in their recommendations to Best Buy and not add features that would be too development heavy for the timeline.


Best Buy was grateful to have one point of contact for both projects and streamline the engagement, making their life easier. Our capacity allowed us to have separate development teams for each project, making sure each received the attention needed. Best Buy was thrilled to have both Facebook apps in time for their national marketing campaigns while we were happy to step in and help a valued partner on a challenging timeline.

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