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For the past 150 years, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hartford (BGCH) has worked to provide a positive place for kids. Having grown to ten locations across the city, their current website was no longer equipped to provide all the information they needed. The Nerdery partnered with BGCH’s agency Keiler & Company to overhaul their website to make it easier to coordinate events and activities.

While Keiler & Company oversaw the project as a whole and handled all of the design work, our task was to build a website that the client felt comfortable using and was powerful enough to handle all the information and also handle a large amount of custom fields and templates. WordPress was the CMS of choice given BGCH’s level of comfort with the platform.

To realize the Boys and Girls Clubs’ vision within WordPress we implemented a number of ambitious custom alterations to WordPress, something that has become a bit of a recurring theme at The Nerdery. These alterations allowed the Boys and Girls Clubs to manage email lists, create newsletters and post update content though a set of simple controls. The result was a clean looking and powerful website that brought all functions of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hartford together.

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