Branded News with Ackerman McQueen

Building Ackerman McQueen's brainchild



Branded News is a division of Ackerman McQueen focused on the construction, operation and licensing of category-specific, online video-news networks. The Nerdery got to help them develop it for a few of their clients.

Branded News has a wide range of expertise in new media, centered primarily on the development and execution of a proprietary online video streaming platform. Branded News also specializes in online video production, a suite of creative services, studio construction/engineering support, and the recruiting, staffing and management of newsrooms.

The key technologies used were Flex and PureMVC.  This was one of The Nerdery's first projects working with PureMVC, and we found that its flexible, modular framework was ideal in that we had five developers working on it simultaneously at times.

Branded News currently operates online networks in the areas of advocacy, travel/tourism and law:

Ackerman McQueen came up with the application architecture. It was a solid architecture, but because it was so complex it took some time to understand all they had put in place. They're great partners - very easy to work with. They lead by asking us to push the boundaries of technology - exactly the kind of agency we like to collaborate with.
John Mathiasen
software development manager, The Nerdery
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