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Dad’s Eye View is a project published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press (MHS Press) promoting healthy and engaging activities that parents and their kids can to do together in the Twin Cities area. The mobile app was developed as a tool to accompany the paperback guide, Dad’s Eye View: 52 Family Adventures in the Twin Cities by Michael Hartford, which was published in spring 2011.

With the pending release of Michael Hartford’s book Dad’s Eye View approaching, the MHS Press and The Nerdery came together to develop an accompanying mobile app that would offer expanded functionality for tech-savvy readers. Hartford describes 52 of his family’s favorite spots to visit in the Twin Cities metro area. With the app, our goal was to provide an enhanced Dad’s Eye View experience for families exploring the Twin Cities with an iPhone in hand.

Our main goal was to make the contents from the book easily accessible in a mobile format, as well as provide tools to easily find the listed destinations and activities. In addition to the 52 activities listed in the book, the MHS Press wanted to give parents and other caregivers a way to communicate their experiences. By using the app, users can check off the places they’ve visited and share those check-ins on Facebook and Twitter.

We were fortunate to have a highly-engaged partner in the MHS Press; they bought an informed voice to help guide our design ideas to fit their objectives. The application was built from the ground up by The Nerdery – from initial discovery, wireframing, and design to development – all while making sure the book’s original voice was maintained and the expectations of MHS Press were met.

The final product is an easy-to-use, dynamic application that help dads, moms, and kids find fun things to do together. And besides, what kid wouldn’t be proud to know their dad downloaded and used an app all on their own?

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