Dragon Catcher with Vitro

iPhone and Android developers slay digital dragons in 3D







The Nerdery teamed with agency partner Vitro on a project we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into. Vitro’s client, Qualcomm, was throwing a party in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress, an event that draws over 60,000 mobile developers. Vitro had come up with an unreal reality game to promote Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. Our job was to implement Vitro’s plan and create the cutting edge experience they envisioned.

The game called for party attendees to use their smartphones to find hidden 3D dragons virtually placed throughout the party for points. Leaderboards set up around the venue would provide real time updates. The technology involved required utilizing a phone’s GPS location ability, compass, and camera. They all then needed to be pulled together through an app developed for both the iPhone and Android utilizing Layar’s AR software.

We had a short timeframe to work within - not an unusual situation for us, and we were able to anticipate trouble spots and plan accordingly. The team at Layar was extremely helpful and responsive in answering every question we had. We first developed, tested, and submitted the iPhone app, and then followed it with an Android version shortly after. Meanwhile, our PHP team got our point of interest service - the technology used to place the 3D dragons - up and running. Part of our team traveled to Barcelona to map the GPS locations of the building and adjusted the points of interest the day before the event. Although we were standing by to fix any problems that might arise, everything went smoothly - a credit to our partners at Vitro and the direction they provided. View Vitro's tale of the project here.

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