Emoticarolers.com with Colle+McVoy

Caroling is cool with personalized traditional tunes sung by computers



To virally spread the holiday spirit through digital song, we helped agency partners Colle+McVoy build the Emoticarolers app for Yahoo. Users create and share holiday greetings by picking from three traditional tunes, choosing four of six cartoon faces, voices, and instruments (need more cowbell?), and either going with actual lyrics or creating their own.

The Nerdery tunesmiths built the app using Festival sound files and song templates created by Colle+McVoy, who handled the design and front-end Flash work while we made the backend sing by loading XML into an interpreter.

A short production timeline had The Nerdery rocking the house into the wee hours on the eve of Thanksgiving to make sure the Emoticarolers were ready for a busy holiday season.

Ryan (McGrew, The Nerdery) being a musician, he grasped on to the fact that we had to break down the syllables for each song to make it work. It was a match made in heaven.
Simon Banks
software development manager, The Nerdery
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