ESPN British Open Banners with Perception

Perception and The Nerdery bring St. Andrews’ history to life




Perception, an agency partner of The Nerdery, created a series of television adverts promoting the British Open golf tournament using a watercolor painting of St. Andrews Golf Course. Perception had created an animated “ink bleed” effect that revealed the watercolor paintings in stages for use in television ads. This stylized imagery conveyed the historic feeling of St. Andrews in anticipation leading up to the event. Our goal was to incorporate a similar animation effect in the accompanying banner ads.

The key challenge was to keep the beauty and stylization of the television adverts within the extremely limited 40K size constraint of the banner ads. We used Flash Player 10 and ActionScript 3 to mimic and reproduce the original animation with the original St. Andrews watercolor artwork. To keep the banner within the file size requirements, we used code to render the effect, as opposed to hand animation, to save bytes.

The end result was a beautiful series of banner ads that stayed true to the television spots and Perception’s vision; the culmination of teamwork between animators, developers, designers, and production artists working together to solve a unique problem in a compelling way.

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