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Radio frequency identification (RFID), social media and Izzy's Ice Cream



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Using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, each flavor of Izzy's 90 varieties of ice creams has a unique code that is automatically scanned as soon as it enters the dipping cabinet at Izzy's ice cream parlor in St. Paul.

In-store customers can immediately see that a new option just popped up on the shop's LCD monitor. But well beyond that, people just down the block and even miles away are also simultaneously alerted as soon as their favorite flavor becomes available.

Magic? Nope, RFID technology, integrated with the Izzy's website to send Flavor Up! alerts via Facebook, Twitter and email to ice cream lovers everywhere - all thanks to the entrepreneurial idea of Izzy's owner Jeff Sommers, and The Nerdery' s ability to bring RFID technology to an ice cream shop - and then way beyond via social media.

"It still feels like magic," Sommers said of Flavor Up!. "We're so excited about it. I'm all over the metro, and I can see what's happening at the shop in terms of flavors."

Before, our customers had no way of knowing if their favorite flavors were going to be available when they walked through the door. This system solves that problem and makes it easier for our customers to enjoy their favorite flavors. This is undoubtedly one of the first uses of RFID as a customer service application.
Jeff Sommers
owner of Izzy's Ice Cream
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