Flash banner ads with Gabriel deGrood Bendt

Flashy ads for Simply Potatoes and Hot Potato Pong



Attracting the eye of the online consumer is part art and part science. Based on designs storyboarded and created by our agency partner Gabriel deGrood Bendt, we built four unique rollover Flash banner ads for Simply Potatoes.

Each ad was created in three sizes to give ample options for placement based on site layout and ad rates. File size, page-loading speed, and site requirements played into the creation of each size of every banner ad. They also had to be attractive to the potato-hungry eye – and were thanks to the design work of Gabriel deGrood Bendt.

One of the ads asks people how they like their hash browns, and then lets them watch as they crisp to their taste right before their eyes in a virtual frying pan. The Ultimate Potato recipe point-roll banners link and expand-out on their last page into a recipe card. The Po-tay-toe vs. Po-tah-toe ad used clever animation to add a new wrinkle to an old argument, complete with colliding cartoon-dialog balloons. We used more Flash to add fun functionality to a Hot Potato version of Pong – an homage to the video game classics.

We worked closely with Gabriel deGrood Bendt to make sure the Flash animation behaved exactly as designed, with just the right rollover timing and movement.

The challenge in creating a banner ad is in making people notice it and then want to click it. I worked at drawing the eye to the ads however we could, sometimes it's a bouncy graphic or anything to get and keep attention. Some of the ads move without being clicked so that even the passive viewer will get the message. And because every advertising-site had different specs, every size was a new canvas with challenges and possibilities for layout and look.
Matt Tonak
programmer, The Nerdery
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