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Drupal CMS empowers school lunch providers to plan and prepare healthy meals for kids



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The Nerdery created a custom CMS in Drupal for Lunch Box, an online toolkit and nonprofit organization that helps school lunch ladies help their students eat healthier lunches. The previous Lunch Box site was disorganized and lacked a key component: the now easy-to-use recipe builder, which helps lunchroom staff find healthy recipes, build shopping lists of fresh ingredients, and scale recipes to the exact headcount of their own cafeteria.

The new site we created is a one-stop shop with 130 (and counting) recipes backed by a database that can be searched by multiple allows users to create a profile, pull and print recipes, and save favorites for future reference. A menu-builder feature helps users plan out repeatable weeks of recipes by assigning them to individual days into the future. Production reports provide online record-keeping–fulfilling a legal requirement of school cafeterias via a web service that maximizes efficiency while minimizing waste. These production reports, along with financial calculators, are particularly useful tools for underfunded schools that otherwise lack access to such information or software.

The Lunch Box is a program ofFood, Family, Farming Foundation, a nonprofit organization created by Chef Ann Cooper to change the food system in the U.S. to an ecologically sound, sustainable model. 
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