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On occasion our agency partners become our clients, as was the case with Minneapolis based Ultra Creative. Built on the foundation of creating both “cool” and “fun” solutions for their clients, Ultra Creative had a specific vision for their web presence. Designs called for a complex, Flash intensive website that would put The Nerdery’s nerds to the test.

We sat down with Ultra Creative’s marketing team to go over their goals and give our recommendations on how to best realize their ideas. Their website plans called for a large virtual map with intricate transitions and animations. The development required to accomplish this was challenging but resulted in some of the best coding we’ve ever built, particularly in the line animation and transition system (if we do say so ourselves).

As we neared the finish line two of our nerds camped out in Ultra Creative’s offices to speed up communication and to ensure what we built was exactly what they were looking for. After the dust settled Ultra Creative had the cutting edge website they’d been looking for while The Nerdery was able to walk away knowing we’d created some of our finest Flash animation work yet.

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