Wickedology with Fallon

Building a Pretty Wicked widget with Fallon



Can a widget determine one’s level of wickedness? It can if it’s designed by Fallon and developed by us. In support of "Pretty Wicked" a show that airs on NBC’s Oxygen network, the Wickedology widget is an interactive quiz for viewers to assess whether they’re a friendly frump, a hot mess, or somewhere in between (much wiggle room available, see widget).

Programmed in Adobe ActionScript 3 with an API written in plain PHP (no frameworks) for speed reasons, the administrative backend was created using the atk framework in PHP because of its strength in creating a visual front-end for a given database structure. The use of Flash/ActionScript was an NBC requirement – it’s also the de-facto standard for sharing animated, interactive widgets. For the social sharing functionality in the widget, the Clearspring service was used.

Enough techno babble, though. Check out the Pretty Wicked design Fallon created and assess your Wickedology at once.

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