Large project on an aggressive timeline


Zend Framework 
Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud
Amazon Simple Storage Service

It’s a rewarding feeling when an agency partner recommends us to another agency (it’s our version of hitting the game-winner at the buzzer). Suffice it to say we were thrilled when agency partner Poke mentioned us to TTSL Charitable Foundation. The project was for client Yoxi, who needed a website for their idea - a game that would highlight social issues and impact lives.

Yoxi’s founders had come up with the idea of a competition where teams put together videos outlining their concept. Each team was encouraged to come up with a new and innovative way to solve a social issue of their choice and upload a video outlining their plan. Users then vote on their favorite each round until one winner remains. Users are enticed to visit daily to “recharge” their voting ability and support their favorite ideas.

The concept was cool, but the timeline was tight. Over 1,600 hours were used to build the necessary parts with less than six weeks to get it done. To kick-start the process, we worked concurrently developing the site while TTSL designed it. It’s a tricky process that could easily fall apart at any point. But thanks to the collaborative approach TTSL took with our developers to minimize confusion, Yoxi’s website was completed in time for their inaugural competition.