A frequent Nerdery partner becomes a Nerdery client



As our agency partners see what we can develop for their clients, their thoughts often turn to their own website. This is how Minneapolis marketing gurus Zeus Jones joined the growing ranks of agency partners that become our direct client. Zeus Jones wanted their site to incorporate the social media platforms their people were actively engaged in, so we built a collection of widgets based on their always creative ideas and clean, cool design.

Built in the Zend framework, we used Flash, PHP, ActionScript, and APIs to consume social media services to deliver an ever-freshening stream of dynamic content to Zeus Jones’s website.

We further helped with a second development phase just prior to SXSW, a time period when they knew many new eyeballs would visit their site. They were right. At SXSW Interactive 2009, the Zeus Jones/Nerdery team won the PhizzPop Design Challenge for its UseMore application.

The fun about working with Zeus Jones is they really get social media and the web. When you sit down with Zeus Jones you can tell they've thought through how this is going to work -- they don't put in things that they don't have a real purpose for.
Ben Dolmar
programmer, The Nerdery
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