getting big interactive ideas to fit on small screens

We love the challenge of developing full-fledged interactive experiences for mobile platforms. Having all of the testing gadgets lying around isn't too bad either. Here's a sampling of some of our mobile and mobile-friendly projects.

Img_1900 JCPenney Weekly Deals Effort: 825 HOURS Timeline: 84 DAYS Icon_slideshow Partner: Sevnthsin
Targetjingleipad_projects_thumb Target Jingle Bell Drop Effort: 604 HOURS Timeline: 77 DAYS Icon_slideshow
Img_1705 Nurse Tabs iPhone app Effort: 122 HOURS Timeline: 63 DAYS Icon_slideshow
Takemefish_mobile_projects_thumb Effort: 489 HOURS Timeline: 84 DAYS Icon_slideshow Partner: Colle+McVoy
Img_1942 Make A Mess mobile apps Effort: 923 HOURS Timeline: 42 DAYS Icon_slideshow Partner: Liquid Thread
Img_1675 iMobile HealthCare iPhone app Effort: 1308 HOURS Timeline: 154 DAYS Icon_slideshow Partner: LaBreche
Dragonthumbnail Dragon Catcher Effort: 472 HOURS Timeline: 28 DAYS Icon_screencast Partner: Vitro
Itizen_thumb Itizen Effort: 194 HOURS Timeline: 35 DAYS Icon_slideshow
Diy_democracy_projects_thumb DIY Democracy Effort: 332 HOURS Timeline: 91 DAYS Icon_slideshow
Findshine_thumb Find-A-Shine Effort: 736 HOURS Timeline: 77 DAYS Icon_slideshow Partner: Toth + Co
Img_3314 ThinkInk Effort: 623 HOURS Timeline: 77 DAYS Icon_slideshow Partner: And Partners
Hallmark-thumbnail Hallmark Go Cards Effort: 1796 HOURS Timeline: 119 DAYS Icon_slideshow
Coverb Walser Effort: 772 HOURS Timeline: 343 DAYS Icon_slideshow
Pillboxcover NLM Pillbox Effort: 458 HOURS Timeline: 322 DAYS Icon_slideshow Partner: gotomedia

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