Social Media

The Nerdery has a deep and evolving toolbox to help companies build online community through social media.

We help companies bend and shape existing social media tools to fit specific needs – and help them interact with audiences in brand new ways.

Fampus_thumbnail Fampus Effort: 5131 HOURS Timeline: 266 DAYS Icon_slideshow
Madden-smack-shack-thumbnail Madden NFL 12 Smack Shack Effort: 395 HOURS Timeline: 84 DAYS Icon_slideshow Partner: Heat
Cover1 Norton Stuff Theatre Effort: 853 HOURS Timeline: 140 DAYS Icon_slideshow Partner: Leo Burnett
Covert International Watch Company Effort: 370 HOURS Timeline: 35 DAYS Icon_slideshow Partner: Odopod
Picture_2 Effort: 4634 HOURS Timeline: 315 DAYS Icon_screencast Partner: Balcom Agency
Img_0024 Carbon Bigfoot Facebook App Effort: 555 HOURS Timeline: 98 DAYS Icon_slideshow Partner: Hello Viking
Img_2889 Effort: 689 HOURS Timeline: 308 DAYS Icon_slideshow
Img_2912 Effort: 236 HOURS Timeline: 63 DAYS Icon_slideshow Partner: Colle+McVoy
Img_2919 Skimmer & Effort: 3905 HOURS Timeline: 182 DAYS Icon_screencast Icon_slideshow Partner: Fallon
Best-buy-dorm_thumbnail Best Buy Facebook Apps Effort: 1001 HOURS Timeline: 84 DAYS Icon_slideshow
Nerderysuavelikelookthumb Suave Like the Look Effort: 426 HOURS Timeline: 63 DAYS Icon_slideshow Partner: Droga5
Ck_facebooktabs_thumb Calvin Klein Effort: 994 HOURS Timeline: 133 DAYS Icon_slideshow Partner: Deep Focus
Img_2825 Nordstrom Facebook app Effort: 186 HOURS Timeline: 49 DAYS Icon_slideshow Partner: Zeus Jones

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