Everyone's crazy about a sharp-dressed nerd

By Jodi Chromey

It's a little-known fact that when it comes to the latest in nerd fashion, the Webchallenge is akin to fashion week in Milan. That's right, for two days the center of the nerd-fashion world turns its eyes to St. Paul Minnesota to see what the best-dressed nerds are wearing this year. And, just for you we have a peek at what you'll see on the best-dressed geek in your life this season.

Drop Shadows Not Bombs

Drop Shadows is representing with a class black tee featuring typography and imagery reminiscent of the some of the pest Communist propaganda posters that are so right now.

JWT League of Embetterment

The Justice League more like the Suckstobeus League. Any fashion-forward nerdware connoisseur knows the only league you want splashed across your chest is the The JWT League of Embetterment. This t-shirt sports a classic star and circle emblem popular with the most with-it superheroes.


Concrete5.mn is rocking it old school with the heather gray t-shirt featuring their logo encircled by the great state of Minnesota. And, as you can see, they rock it nerd-school for the back.


Rumor has it that Heidi Klum said she wants to wear this look hot off the runway. Ratchet is paying homage to the chilly Minnesota spring with this sweatshirt bearing their logo.

Full Court WordPress

Full Court WordPress makes a bold statement in forest green. What's that statement? We're hot!

T.S.T. Media

These T.S.T. Media shirts that pay homage to E.T. are so fierce that not only are we smiling with our eyes, we'd totally give them all a pound of Reese's Pieces for being so fabulous.

Rainbow Ponycake

Ever the rebells of the nerd-runway, Rainbow Ponycake shows that you don't have to be sporting a t-shirt to make fashion statement. We love the sweatbands (and matching wristbands).

Webchallenge Nonprofits, Webpros, and Volunteers

There's no chance of a fashion faux-pas at this webchallenge because all of the ridiculously good-looking nonprofit members, webpros and volunteers are sporting the very latest for the House of Nerd. Sweet!

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Published by Jodi Chromey

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