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The Nerdery evolves its brand, Nerds redesign their own website

Four-week sprint completed for minimum viable software product

The Nerdery promotes Tom O’Neill to CEO

O'Neill goes from programmer to President to Chief Executive Officer

White House announces Prime Digital Academy scholarships for students of color

$500 scholarships part of national TechHire initiative

The Nerdery Launches Prime Digital Academy to Produce Homegrown Software Engineers and Web Developers

Prime’s partnerships with industry and local government aim to fuel innovation and economic development in the region while creating sustainable solution to the coding talent crunch

The Nerdery Makes Biz Journal Fast 50 for Eighth Straight Year

Custom software design and development company achieves revenue-growth longevity with 2015 #41 ranking among thriving private companies

Media Mentions

The Nerdery just launched a new website. OK, that’s not exactly news for a custom software design and development company – but this time The Nerdery created a website and revealed a brand evolution, as their own client.
Mark Malmberg
The Minneapolis Egotist

The Nerdery Evolves Its Brand

As project managers, let us be our own advocates and put the work we do into a larger context for all to see. In this article, I’ll share ways we can elevate the perceived value of project management within organizations and in the eyes (and hearts and minds) of our clients.
Kurt Schmidt

Are Project Managers Really Needed? Here’s Your Answer…

Said The Nerdery's Chris Davis: "The mobile app space is relatively new compared to other areas of development. The two biggest mobile platforms, iOS and Android, have only been around since 2007 and 2008, respectively. So at the most, a mobile developer could claim they have coded for both platforms for seven years."
Erik Sherman

Mobile dev 2016: Hot technologies, dangerous assumptions

Next up comes our local friends from the Nerdery with their post on Wearables, Hearables and Nearables: What to Expect in 2016. After all, as interactive marketers, we’re tasked with engaging our audience in ways that are meaningful to them. And with the advancement of wearables, our job just got that much more advanced. Wearable shipments are projected to grow 64 percent in 2016 with smart bracelets leading the pack. Plus there’s low-tech wearables, health and safety wearables, hearables, and nearables.
Whitney Johnson
MIMA blog

The Best of the Best: 2016 Trends & Predictions

“I find Kanban to be very clean, very simple ... very light. I have a hard time even saying that agile can be/would be bloated, but Kanban is really stripped down: [You] have a list of tasks of what [you’re] going to work on next ... you pull it over, you’re done and then you move on.” — Bob Paulsen Senior Software Project Manager at The Nerdery
Eileen O'Loughlin
Software Advice

Kanban vs Scrum: Tips for Choosing the Right System

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