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The Nerdery just launched a new website. OK, that’s not exactly news for a custom software design and development company – but this time The Nerdery created a website and revealed a brand evolution, as their own client.
Mark Malmberg
The Minneapolis Egotist

The Nerdery Evolves Its Brand

As project managers, let us be our own advocates and put the work we do into a larger context for all to see. In this article, I’ll share ways we can elevate the perceived value of project management within organizations and in the eyes (and hearts and minds) of our clients.
Kurt Schmidt

Are Project Managers Really Needed? Here’s Your Answer…

Said The Nerdery's Chris Davis: "The mobile app space is relatively new compared to other areas of development. The two biggest mobile platforms, iOS and Android, have only been around since 2007 and 2008, respectively. So at the most, a mobile developer could claim they have coded for both platforms for seven years."
Erik Sherman

Mobile dev 2016: Hot technologies, dangerous assumptions

Next up comes our local friends from the Nerdery with their post on Wearables, Hearables and Nearables: What to Expect in 2016. After all, as interactive marketers, we’re tasked with engaging our audience in ways that are meaningful to them. And with the advancement of wearables, our job just got that much more advanced. Wearable shipments are projected to grow 64 percent in 2016 with smart bracelets leading the pack. Plus there’s low-tech wearables, health and safety wearables, hearables, and nearables.
Whitney Johnson
MIMA blog

The Best of the Best: 2016 Trends & Predictions

“I find Kanban to be very clean, very simple ... very light. I have a hard time even saying that agile can be/would be bloated, but Kanban is really stripped down: [You] have a list of tasks of what [you’re] going to work on next ... you pull it over, you’re done and then you move on.” — Bob Paulsen Senior Software Project Manager at The Nerdery
Eileen O'Loughlin
Software Advice

Kanban vs Scrum: Tips for Choosing the Right System

"As a custom software design and development company, it’s particularly gratifying to use our time and talent to help nonprofits engineer software they couldn’t otherwise afford, and rewarding to see nonprofit organizations move forward with websites that improve their ability to build community, raise funds, organize volunteers and deliver services to the communities they serve – our community service grows exponentially in theirs." – Mark Malmberg, communication director at The Nerdery
Ann Bednarz
Network World

The many faces of tech volunteerism

The software design and development company’s Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge, begun in 2008, provides web design and development services to nonprofits. The Nerdery rallies staff and fellow web pros throughout the community to spend 24 hours – in a row – helping nonprofits create websites, all pro bono. This year, the 24-hour challenge happened simultaneously in Chicago, Kansas City and Minneapolis, where volunteers formed teams to provide everything from front-end and back-end development to project management, UX design and copywriting.
Ann Bednarz
Computer World

10 cool ways tech companies give it up for charity

Founding members of the Exosite IoT Alliance include some of the world’s leading technology companies: Artila, Atmel, Bitwise IO, Digi, exceet Secure Solutions, GainSpan, Microchip Technology, MultiTech, NimbeLink, Powelectrics, Robustel, SMT Engineering, Synapse Wireless, Texas Instruments, The Nerdery, WPI Group, and WT Microelectronics.

Minneapolis’ Exosite Forms ‘IoT Alliance’

Founding members of the Exosite IoT Alliance include The Nerdery. “We are looking forward to deepening our relationships with our partners to leverage our IoT cloud platform and expertise. We believe our collaboration will accelerate the monetization of IoT applications and services,” said Hans Rempel, CEO of Exosite.
Yahoo Finance

IoT Solution and Technology Providers Seek to Leverage Enterprise Innovation

Ben Dolmar, The Nerdery Technology Manager for Mobile, said some Android apps can do more to prevent texting and driving because Android operating systems have stronger technical enforcement of when compared to iOS. However, he said at best, the apps monitor behavior. "On a technical level, it's not going to be perfectly solid system. I don't know that's particularly compelling. If you really want to turn it off, turn it off. It's still a very human thing, you have to make a choice," said Dolmar. Dolmar says as a parent, he would try some of the apps as a monitoring tool, such as the Canary app, which monitors location and reports activity to a parent's account.
Lindsey Seavert
KARE 11 NBC News

Texting and driving: Message still not received

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