What We Do

We build high quality custom software and interactive experiences.

With our broad range of capabilities and deep experience of Nerds in user experience design, software development, project management and quality assurance, The Nerdery designs and develops custom software within five specific service areas.

Mobile Applications

The world has gone mobile – apps are the gateway to everything from homes to ERPs. Our integrated product development process for mobile apps begins with strategy and design and concludes with rigorous quality assurance. At each step, you are dealing with specialists. Our engineering expertise doesn’t stop at the device, so the backend service will match your business. We elevate the customer experience and your business through mobile platforms.

Web Applications

We help clients conceive, refine and create business-critical web applications and software products. From planning to implementation, you’ll have access to experts in dozens of languages, frameworks and databases. A software product manager will shepherd your app through seamless execution. QA engineers test for functionality, security and accessibility. You’ll get a thoughtfully designed product that aligns user research and business goals.


A best-in-class online presence on both mobile and desktop platforms is essential in driving your business’ success. From competitive analysis and user research, to responsive web development and quality assurance testing, our Nerds are your team. We help our clients identify key performance indicators that allow them to track specific business goals. The end result is a contemporary, professional and flexible website that attracts customers.

Systems Integration

Even the best off-the-shelf SaaS solutions need customization to fit your business, so we create solutions to fill gaps between systems – and find ways to create new value by marrying systems together. As you add systems, you risk having silos where data is duplicated and insights are lost. Our pragmatic process streamlines workflows to make data usage efficient. We solve integration issues by understanding your data, users and business needs.

Digital Consulting

Because software and business can both be constrained by unavoidable limitations, we focus on delivering a well-defined digital roadmap – and an impactful implementation that fits within constraints. Our consulting, UX, and engineering teams collaborate with your business stakeholders to find realistic solutions that are based on practical digital strategy. Our digital consultants strategize smart solutions that deliver results.

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