Who We Are

We will be the best place in the world for Nerds to work. 

That’s it; our vision statement. And sure, good for us – but also plenty good for clients who benefit greatly from our engaged Nerds and our culture of innovation.

Innovation Incubator

The earlier we engage, the more value we bring to companies with visionary ideas. Nerds get deeply invested in understanding our clients’ problems; we get as passionate about their business as our own.

We bring together innovative, pragmatic Nerds to collaboratively design and develop holistic technology solutions and solve complex business problems; mission accomplished when problem solved.

To some, all this sounds like a lot of work. But to passionate Nerds, it sounds like fun. We see a complex business problem as a worthy challenge – something to rally around.

Our Core Values

We believe that passionate nerds are the driving force behind business breakthroughs; our purpose is to redefine what's possible through technology. The two most important words of our vision statement, "We will be the best place in the world for nerds to work," are "nerds" and "work." You'll love them both.

Constantly Push Boundaries
Integrity In All Circumstances
Be Humble
Win By Empowering People
Solve Problems Pragmatically

Community Support

Our annual 24-hour Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge pairs volunteer software pros with nonprofits in need of nerdy deeds done pro bono. We believe successful businesses have all the more responsibility to give back; we’re gratified to have a meaningful opportunity to apply our time and talent toward the greater good in communities where we live and work.

Work with us.

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