Our Work

We’re proud of impactful work. Here are just a few samples to help illustrate what it’s like to work with us.
Tastefully Simple

A new look for a favorite brand

With a hefty list of project goals and a popular and well-loved brand to design for, our Nerds got straight to work on creating an all-new, responsive online experience for Tastefully Simple.


Building a better app

Sometimes a code audit is just a code audit where we review the code, provide our recommendations, and the job's done. But other times, such as in Chamberlain's case, it can be so much more.


Building a tool and selling it online

Creating an HR software that’s never been built before and building a marketing site to sell said software has its challenges. Here’s how we did it.


Helping Hillside start over

Scratching Hillside’s existing system and switching software platforms wouldn’t be easy, but our Nerds and Hillside’s team got the job done.


Creating a trade show experience

As we partnered with Danfoss in concepting an app, we realized the mobile experience should help convention-goers interact with Danfoss while providing a bit of fun.

State of Vermont

Simplifying systems for the state of Vermont

With legacy databases numbering in the double digits – and six separate domains to unite – our Nerds had their work cut out for them. Here's how they rose to the challenge.

Excelsior Group

Creating an online presence

​While The Excelsior Group had an existing website, it was outdated and didn't reflect their business like it should. Here's how we fixed that.


Helping libraries connect with students

​Bookawocky, the website we created for MELSA's library system, is designed with students, reading and functionality in mind. Here's how we built their community.

Purina ONE

Upgrading Purina ONE

An outdated CMS was slowing down content management and development enhancements on Purina ONE's website. Here's how we updated it.


Helping AmericInn maintain their software

Armed with software maintenance best practices and an experienced team, our Nerds have everything they need to keep AmericInn's website operating smoothly. Here's how they do it.